The ’employment control framework’: change afoot?

The following statement was contained in yesterday’s announcement by the Irish government on its ‘jobs initiative’.

Third Level Education

The Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform is announcing tomorrow a relaxation of the numbers ceiling applying to non-Exchequer funded posts in the Higher Education sector, in order to further facilitate the maximum possible employment creation potential of that sector, while also encouraging institutions to seek to diversify their sources of funding away from the Exchequer.
It is envisaged that similar type arrangements will also apply to contract posts involved in research activity in non-commercial State agencies.

This suggests that some of the more ludicrous aspects of the ’employment control framework;’ will now be abandoned. We await more information.

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2 Comments on “The ’employment control framework’: change afoot?”

  1. Perry Share Says:

    If this is true it can only be a good thing. It has not only impacted on research activity, but also on the capacity for the sector to develop fee-paying part-time, distance and postgraduate programmes. Keep the fingers crossed!

  2. Ros Says:

    Based on my own experience of raising this matter with TDs, it’s probably taken them until now to work out what exactly the ’employment control framework’ is! Fingers and everything else crossed!!

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