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As many readers will know, from July 13 I embark on a new phase of my life. On that day I shall hand over the presidency of DCU to my successor, Professor Brian MacCraith (who will shortly write a post for this blog). I am then taking a sabbatical for a year, and so while I have a number of writing projects I am working on, I shall have a little bit more time than I do now.

One plan for me is to develop this blog a little more. While I shall continue to write what are essentially editorial-type posts on a more or less daily basis, I am also intending to add new sections including news and views from around the higher education system. To do this most effectively, I am hoping to attract a number of people who might be willing to act as contributors or correspondents. Ideally I would like a correspondent from every higher education institution in Ireland, and maybe some covering other countries, particularly the UK and the United States (maybe also Australia and Germany). If any reader would be interested, do please let me know. I cannot offer money, alas, but there is lots of glory! Though for the institutional correspondents, I shall also be happy that they remain anonymous to readers (though not to me, but I shall keep it confidential). For those who might be interested in providing regular or occasional commentary, I would very much welcome such participation (in this case not anonymously, however).

Furthermore, if you don’t want to write for the blog but want me to run a story or a comment, you can always contact me in confidence.

The shape of the blog as I now intend it will therefore be a daily editorial-style comment published in full on the home page, and sections linked from the home page with summaries of stories from individual institutions or other jurisdictions. There will also be sections that are unrelated to higher education, perhaps covering curiosities from culture, politics, entertainment and the performing arts.

If you would like to be involved – and I hope many of you will – please drop me an email at This email address will continue to be good after July 13.

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One Comment on “This blog: the next generation”

  1. Joseph Says:

    Are you remaining on as a member of academic staff at the university or are you heading back to the UK?

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