The search is on!

Last year in a post I listed some of the more unusual or unexpected terms entered by people in search engines which brought them to this blog. Here are some new ones I rather liked, not least because they demonstrate a fairly zany outlook, and because I cannot imagine how some of them ever got to me with those terms:

Poetry about university life
is name aran a form of the name john
we have 26 holidays per year
the university of whatever it takes
my generation and the zimmer frame
poetry my arse [apologies, but that’s what they entered]
how can I get more money
where can I learn about life
what can you do with a minister

And then, here are some who may not have a completely open mind about their chosen topics:

for god’s sake pay no tuition fees
harm done to america by obama
parliamentarians should not be paid
universities are completely pointless

And here’s one who has worked it all out:

prondzynski is a shit

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5 Comments on “The search is on!”

  1. Jilly Says:

    These are fabulous. I’d like to buy whoever entered ‘poetry my arse’ a drink, as it’s very much my own attitude to poetry (it wasn’t me, though, I promise!).

    But the best of the lot has got to be ‘where can I learn about life’. It’s not so much that this brought them to your blog that amazes me, so much as the idea of typing this into Google in the first place. I wonder what kind of search result they were expecting/hoping for?!

  2. Aoife Citizen Says:

    Yes, most of them were me, sorry.

    I don’t know if you accept suggestions for your blog, but here is a news story of topical interest in Ireland; Kaplan has died

    It’s an interesting story; in the 1940s the US took the weird step of trying to remove any alignment between second level learning goals and third level entrance, they probably did this for discreditable reasons, striving was seen as an immigrant or non-WASP trait. Kapan countered this by working out how to tutor the SAT, however, this response, leading to a private for-profit tutoring industry, also has undesirable consequences for social justice. Malcolm Gladwell has a nice article about it

    Kaplan, it should be pointed out, has assets in Ireland, they own DBI and Portobello College.

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