The Newcastle circus

I have mentioned before in this blog that I am a fan of Newcastle United FC – the English football (soccer) club. And indeed I mentioned that I am something of an admirer of its manager, Kevin Keegan. But now I need to say ex-manager, because in the course of this week his employment in that capacity ended. He appears to have resigned, but did so in circumstances that suggest this was really a firing.

Like most Newcastle fans, I was dismayed at this turn of events. Kevin Keegan is a somewhat old-fashioned manager, less intent on the science of football and more interested in the romantic aspects of the sport and in playing it stylishly.

The problem with Newcastle has been that its board has not understood how to manage the business in a way that also supported good football. So for the past few years Newcastle United has been run in the most alarmingly amateurish way at board level. It was thought by some that things would improve when businessman Mike Ashley bought the club last year, but it now seems he made the manager’s job impossible by imposing a complex bureaucracy on him and removing from him the capacity to take some of the key tactical decisions.

Again like most Newcastle fans, I want Kevin Keegan back quickly – preferably under a new owner.

Gosh, wouldn’t it be easier to be a fan of Manchester United! But not as exciting…

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One Comment on “The Newcastle circus”

  1. TheChrisD Says:

    I agree that football recently (not just the Premiership) has been a complete minefield for managers. Any slip-up in performance, and they’re very likely to be sacked. It’s impossible to have a good team if you keep changing your manager every 5 days…

    But I have to disagree on it being easier being a Man Utd. fan. You do get the odd comment that you only support them because they are part of the top flight. I’ve been supporting them for around 12 years now. Whether I jumped on the bandwagon back then I’m not sure, but I haven’t jumped off it since 😛

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