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Weird illegalities

December 26, 2009

I always find myself sitting down during the evening of Christmas Day and reading one of the books I will have received (I always receive some, and would miss it if I didn’t). One rather amusing book I was given this year describes ‘the maddest laws from around the world’. It’s in German, but in translation here are some examples:

• In South Dakota (USA) it is illegal to fall asleep in a cheese shop.
• In Vermont it is illegal to whistle under water.
• In New York it is illegal to walk backwards on a public road.
• In Uruguay duelling has been made legal, provided both duellists are blood donors (as the editor of the book observes, that’s very practical)
• In Carmel (California) men are not permitted to leave their house unless their jacket is stylistically compatible with their shoes (who is the judge?)
• In China a couple cannot get a divorce if they have lost their marriage certificate.

But my favourite is this one: if you are driving your car in Pennyslvania and you meet horses, the law requires the driver to stop at the side of the road and cover the car with a blanket that has been painted or sewn to blend into the scenery.  If the horses are not happy, the driver must disassemble the car and hide the parts in any nearby underbrush. I do hope this law is regularly enforced.