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University life: crazy societies

July 21, 2011

One of the joys of the student experience (though one that is also open to staff) is the availability of university clubs and societies. Student life should not be solely about studying, but should also include membership of such associations that provide a different perspective, or involve other activities. I have always had a certain fondness for some of the zanier options. In DCU during one year we had the extraordinarily successful ‘Murder She Wrote Society‘, which ostensibly celebrated the rather cheesy TV series starring Angela Lansbury.

But elsewhere there are even more way-out options, some of which are celebrated on this website for female students. So how about the ‘Happiness Club‘ of Northwestern University, which just wants to ‘make people feel happier’. Or, bless them, the ‘Concrete Canoe Club‘ of the University of Wisconsin at Madison, which (you guessed it) goes to water in canoes made of concrete, and wins competitions in them. Or the ‘Moustache Club‘ of Carleton College, which – er – celebrates moustaches.

But actually, all of these add something to the variety of the student experience, and probably provide some balance to the more serious aspects of education. In the end, what is important is that students benefit from learning that will, at least at times, go beyond the formal curriculum. Everything, even Harvard University’s ‘Tiddlywinks Society‘, is to be celebrated.