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Wrapping up history

October 26, 2009

From time to time in this blog (for example in this post) I have pondered on the ability of our generation to comprehend and make use of history. I suppose a final comment on this might be taken from an item in the newspaper, the Scotsman. A sample of young British people were asked to name the most inspirational leaders in history. The top 10 results some worthy entries – Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King, for example – and some logical if slightly questionable ones, such as Henry VIII. And – wait for it – Simon Cowell!

If you don’t know who he is, then fair play to you, as we say in Ireland. But clearly that doesn’t apply to today’s youth, who not only know who he is (and there’s nothing wrong with that), but who think him to be an ‘inspirational world leader’.

There┬áreally┬áisn’t anything more I can say about this!


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