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Choosing a president

September 19, 2011

Readers outside Ireland may not be particularly aware that an Irish presidential election campaign is under way; on the other hand, hardly anyone in the world will be unaware of the US presidential election to be held next year.

Let’s stick with Ireland for a moment. The country’s formerly dominant (but now devastated) party Fianna Fail is currently affected by internal convulsions, caused by the desire of one Senator Labhrás Ó Murchú to be a candidate for the post. I hope it will not sound disrespectful to him if I say that, outside the traditional music community, he is not a household name.

A growing consensus is that none of the candidates who are in the ring, with the exception of Senator David Norris (whose nomination is not secure), would excite the general population. This is causing people to wonder whether the post is actually a necessary one for the country at all; which is a shame, given the equally widespread consensus that the present incumbent, Mary McAleese, has performed her tasks with great distinction. One reason for the disaffection may be related to the nomination process, designed to give the political parties a gatekeeper role.

The gatekeeper function belongs even more emphatically to the two major political parties in the United States, but in a much more complex process. Each party’s committed voters determine the choice of the candidate, and because this is so the candidates have to appeal to the core supporters, which in the case of the Republicans in particular means that an ambitious candidate needs to place him or herself on the right wing; before shifting rapidly to the centre when it comes to the actual election.

It seems to me that the credibility and acceptability of a presidency depends on the credibility and acceptability of the electoral process. A key element in this is how candidates emerge and are chosen. Right now this is not ideal in either Ireland or the United States. This is an aspect of democracy that needs urgent attention. The paradox is that a good process must ensure that candidates who stimulate thenpublic interest are able to secure a nomination, while those whose credentials are less obvious, like the good Senator Labhrás Ó Murchú, are not necessarily hurried into the ring. It’s not an easy process.

In pursuit of national regeneration and self-confidence: Your Country, Your Call

February 17, 2010

This afternoon the President of Ireland, Mrs Mary McAleese, is launching a new initiative to generate both ideas and a new national mood of optimism and self-confidence. This comes in the form of a competition called Your Country, Your Call, which will invite submissions from people in Ireland and overseas for game changing ideas that have the potential to create economic activity and prosperity in this country. The two winning entries will receive prizes of €100,000 each, but other entries may also receive support for their implementation by the appropriate state agencies.

The whole project is the brainchild of Dr Martin McAleese, and his energy and enthusiasm ensured that it would become reality. it has gathered a number of supporters who contributed solely on a pro bono basis. I was very privileged to be a member of the steering committee that developed the idea and guided it to its launch today. Other DCU staff, and DCU students, were also involved. It will receive a lot of publicity over the days and weeks ahead.

Further details can be seen on its website.