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… and that’s how the Eurovision contest went

May 30, 2010

I really do hate to say this (truly), but I told you so. There just was no way that Ireland’s entry could have succeeded in the Eurovision Song Contest, and indeed it didn’t. In fairness, Niamh Kavanagh gave it her very best shot, but the song was all wrong.

People (including someone commenting in this blog) had been telling me how Germany would do well, and they did. But did I like the song? No, not at all. Lena should have been singing in German, and in any case it wasn’t exactly great music. I couldn’t quite work out the voting dynamics, but probably she benefited from all those countries wanting to be bailed out by Germany right now.

I thought Graham Norton (commenting on the BBC, presumably with instructions not to let us pine for Terry Wogan) had it about right: talk over everything. Much more fun that way.