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Vice-Presidential debate

October 2, 2008

I’m not absolutely sure what my motives are, but I think I shall stay up late tonight to watch the US Vice-Presidential┬ádebate on television. I didn’t watch the first debate between Senators Obama and McCain (though I saw highlights afterwards), but somehow this particular debate fascinates me enough to want to miss some of my sleeping time. I cannot be quite sure whether it is because I am keen to follow the issues, or whether I am one of those terrible people hanging around to witness a car crash.

But I would still reiterate that the current American election campaign must be good for stimulating political engagement by citizens and voters, both in the US and elsewhere. The biggest threat to democracy is voter cynicism and apathy, as we should all have learnt from the fate of the Weimar Republic. So in the end I hope that the debate tonight is a good contribution to serious political debate that engages the public.