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I’m telling you, they’re out to get us…!

August 20, 2010

One of the fun but crazy aspects of modern life is the conspiracy theory. If there’s a major contemporary event, there’ll be some paranoid conspiracy theory about it – whether it’s JFK’s assassination, the not-so-dead afterlife of Elvis, the significance of fluoride in water, that kind of thing. Someone I knew once in Cambridge – an otherwise brilliant man – always told friends in hushed tones that ‘the sprays’ were out to get him; nobody ever knew what he was talking about, but everyone found it better just to nod sympathetically.

But perhaps the most active (and frankly, craziest) peddlers of conspiracy theories are the more extreme rightwing groups in America; there’s nothing to beat them. From their absolute conviction that Barack Obama is a Muslim, to their belief that the government is spraying chemicals into the air to poison or subdue them, there’s nothing so weird or so stupid that they cannot believe it. This website provides some further examples.

Maybe we need to polish up our own talents in these matters. Given recent Irish history, surely there must be fertile ground here for something zany.