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So how can you find me?

October 6, 2008

WordPress, which hosts this blog, has a rather neat feature that allows blog authors to see what search terms people may have entered to find them. In my case, some of these are obvious enough (like “prondzynski blog”), but some others are less so – and in some cases it is downright mysterious or even funny how the particular searches actually got to me.

Here are some of my favourites.

describe dcu free no-obligation quote
cappuccino spellings
female-dominated society future
is feck a swear word?
how to run a small bookstore
iPhone screen goes blank
small bookstore what can we do 
how to properly use an expletive
spelling of august in Portuguese
expletive string
men who enjoy wearing a suit & tie
australian spelling is canadian spelling
spelling of the number fourteen in portuguese
correct spelling of arguement
social benefits of war
good old german retro
speaking in tongues blog
expletives from the 50s
is singing a song using rote memory
university delicious
brazil spelling of august
why were people afraid of old technology
10 common good manners and courtesies
retro photography of time
left of karl marx

And my personal favourite:

ferdinand von prondzynski drivel

Amen to that.