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No more Sport

April 2, 2011

OK. I won’t call it a newspaper. Not only because what appeared in it could hardly ever have been described as ‘news’, but because I doubt that its journalists (if that’s what they were) would have seen it that way. The Daily Sport, purveyor of nude photos of women with, well, unlikely dimensions and of absurd stories, is no more. Since I never actually bought a copy of this particular publication I cannot say that my life will now change. But a bit of me always fancied the idea of writing for a paper that allowed you to ‘report’ that a World War 2 bomber had been found on the moon (with photo), or that a London bus was found in the Antarctic ice.

On the other hand, I wonder what life must have seemed like for those whose only source of information was the Daily Sport. Imagine living in their world. A very strange world.