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Last minute presents

December 24, 2010

Well actually, if you haven’t got your presents you may be too late. But if the exact date of delivery does not matter to you, let me follow up a suggestion I made around this time last year that you might like to consider giving your friend or loved one an eccentric book.

Here are three I would particularly recommend:

A Popular History of British Seaweeds (I love the adjective ‘popular’)
A Lust for Window Sills (come on, admit it)
How to Teach Physics to your Dog (well, I’m an academic and I have a dog: must be useful…)

Happy giving!

Still looking for a present? – Give something weird

December 21, 2009

Nearly 30 years ago, in the last few days before Christmas, I urgently needed to find an imaginative Christmas present for my then girlfriend. So I decided that what would be unusual and different would be to give her a book on something completely irrelevant, something curiously specific but without any link to anything either she or I were interested in. So I went to a major antiquarian bookshop in Dublin (one that has long since closed) and bought three books for her. One, if I recall correctly, was on Russian signal boxes, another on cricket rules as applied in Fiji, and the third on South American jungle parasites. I was really pleased with these, and indeed was tempted to hold on to them myself. Was she pleased? Not sure, but three months later she was my ex-girlfriend; draw your own conclusions.

But I still like the idea. And so I was truly delighted when a major online second hand bookseller drew my attention to a new concept they have introduced: the ‘Weird Book Room‘. I would suggest that this is something you will want to see, and you will want to pick out one or two for your loved ones. I mean, who could resist the Who’s Who of British Beheadings; or What’s Wrong with my Snake? or my favourite, 50 Ways to Use Feminine Hygiene Products in a Manly Manner. Yes, I can feel several Christmas presents coming on. Unless you beat me to them.