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Keeping it all in the family

May 7, 2010

Without necessarily wanting to go through all the arguments again, we might note that Tom Garvin’s Irish Times article of last Saturday has been strongly criticised (also in the Times) by two UCD professors, Mary Daly and Brigid Laffan. However like Professor Garvin, the two writers here also treat the issue as almost entirely UCD-specific, using the occasion to list all sorts of advances and achievements by their college over recent years. I hate to say this, but this particular debate should not be about UCD and various people’s views of it. Whether UCD’s modular teaching programme is good or bad, or whether its research culture has changed, is maybe a matter for the college’s PR department, but is not central to the debate on how universities should be run. There are, if I may whisper this, other universities out there.

Then again, maybe I am just impossible to please.