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Apple anticipation

January 20, 2010

Many launches of new Apple products are preceded by rumours and some breathless anticipation. Sometimes it turns out to be wrong, and nothing very significant emerges; but sometimes the rumours are right. Right now Apple has announced that it will hold a ‘product event’ on January 27. And absolutely everyone is assuming that we are going to hear about a new Apple tablet (iTablet? iSlate?) computer, perhaps to hit the shops in March. So Apple is either going to have to come up with the goods or there will be a dramatic anti-climax that might do the company no good at all. And as Apple executives have done nothing to dampen all this speculation, I think we may assume the rumours are right.

So what is a ‘tablet’? Essentially it’s a computer with a touchscreen – in other words, just a touchscreen, no keyboard or mouse. Are you finding the concept difficult to grasp? Just think of a much much bigger iPhone. And indeed it’s not a new concept: tablet computers using the Windows operating system have been around for much of the past decade, though without attracting any significant interest. So the new Apple product will need to be much improved on those earlier models; as it certainly will be. It will be slimmer, with a wow factor in its design, with easy to handle virtual keyboard and tools, and so forth. And, as everybody has been assuming, it will have a special role as an e-book reader; apparently Apple has already done deals with some of the publishers. So it will be a new type of multi-media computer and e-book reader, to challenge both the Amazon Kindle and even some laptops.

Will I get one? Is the Pope catholic? Watch this space.


Is Apple also going for e-books?

October 22, 2009

As I have mentioned before, I seem to have become some sort of global authority for the Amazon Kindle, and so I thought I would also draw attention to the fact that it may soon have a powerful rival. Of course I should acknowledge in passing that it already does have rivals, in particular the Sony Reader. But there’s another one coming, or at least that’s what the rumour is. And it’s from Apple.

For some time now there has been chat in cyberspace about Apple’s plans for a ‘tablet’ computer – in other words, a touch screen flat computer. However more recently the view has emerged that when (if?) it emerges it will principally be an e-book reader and a (rather large) iPod. It will probably be bigger than the Kindle (maybe more like the Kindle DX, which is not being sold yet for customers outside the US), and it will have at least some functionality beyond the Kindle.

It must be stressed that Apple have said nothing about any of this. But their most recent announcements have fuelled speculation, because it appears that some new product is due by the end of the year, and for various reasons the tablet/e-book reader is seen as the most likely option.

What will this do to the market? That’s hard to say. The Kindle is by now very well established, and it has gone global. Nut then again, nobody could doubt that once the Apple marketing machine gets going, it packs a powerful punch. And it would probably be (as Apple products are) very user-friendly. And, presumably, have a colour screen. And right now the company is on a high, having beaten analysts’ revenue and profit forecasts in its most recent financial statement.

So I would watch this space!