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A dog’s life

October 12, 2008

Today was a rather beautiful day in Dublin, and so I took my dog, Harvey, to the countryside for a good long walk. Harvey is a rescue dog, probably a cross between a German Shepherd and Collie. We got him from the Dublin Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, and he had been very badly mistreated before he came to us. But like many rescue dogs he quickly adapted to his new life, and he is quite a character.

But his history is one of many many reminders that our society as a whole is far tool casual about how we treat animals. Harvey was, as far as we can tell, regularly beaten and hurt before the DSPCA rescued him. And unfortunately, this is not an isolated story. All the time, dogs are mistreated and abandoned in the most appalling circumstances. As long as this goes on, we have failed as a society.

I am writing this here because those organisations, like the DSPCA and their equivalents, that protect dogs and other animals from abuse deserve our support. And there are many dogs in rescue shelters and pounds that need good homes – they are a deserving cause… And if you see an animal being treated cruelly, do something about it.