Happy New Year 2018

May I wish all my readers are a very happy New Year!

And as I always want to be helpful, you can find a list of words not to use in 2018 here. To be honest, I don’t think I have ever used (or even come across) ‘nothingburger’, but there you are. It can’t be that impactful, but what the hell, covfefe!

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One Comment on “Happy New Year 2018”

  1. Vince Says:

    It’s the term gig, or zero hours, contracts that make me furious. Gig for anyone that has ever had one means being hired for a night with no prospect of returning. A one off. If it was more it would be a ‘run’.
    And when I hear Zero Hours contracts suit some people like students a steam whistle of pure rage erupts. What zero hours describes is standing outside early in the morning on Kilburn High, or Cricklewood awaiting a nod from some subbie towards a van to work on a building site. Or. Standing outside the closed dock gates while a man in a suit calls names of those that have that days work. Any other description is just flannel and bull.

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