Lighting the darkness

Amongst the things I like about living in the North-East of Scotland are mid-summer nights. From early June to mid-July it is never totally dark. Last night it was beautifully war, and I went for a country walk at around midnight, returning at 1 am. This is what I saw as I left the house.

Ythsie at midnight

And this was the sky on my return.

Ythsie at 1 am

This may not be the warmest place in Britain, but it is one of the most beautiful.


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3 Comments on “Lighting the darkness”

  1. Vince Says:

    Yeah, noooo. While I’d like the long days it’s the reverse of this either side of the 22st of Dec that would get to me. It’s bad enough to become stoned on Vit D if I travel south in the winter from where I am. Up there, nope.
    The older I get the more certain the Swallows and Swifts have the correct idea.

    I can’t em-biggen the photos so I can’t really see them. But they seem good blue hour shots.

  2. Very nearly midsummer night and the solstice……there is a reason that Shakespeare used this date for his play – in legends and folklore, this is supposed to be a night in which the ‘veil’ between our world and the world of faery and nature spirits are thin in the gloaming………..and of course it’s very pretty and never dark in the north of Scotland!

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