Here’s what I’m hoping at the start of 2016

It is the human condition to hope that everything will be better in this year compared with the last. Tennyson expressed it well:

‘Ring out the old, ring in the new,
Ring, happy bells, across the snow:
The year is going, let him go;
Ring out the false, ring in the true.’

So, in that spirit, here are my hopes (I shall not say expectations) for 2016. They may or may not be in order of importance.

  • Newcastle United will shine in the English premiership. OK, won’t be relegated.
  • Ireland will win the European football championships. OK, won’t be eliminated in the group stage.
  • There won’t be a Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) in Scotland. (I don’t think it should be adopted anywhere, but let’s stick with Scotland).
  • There will be a real drive to remove bureaucratisation from higher education.
  • Daniel Craig will agree to play James Bond one more time.
  • Aberdeen City and Shire will succeed in the bid for a City Region Deal.
  • The Eurovision Song Context will be the most enjoyable ever, and avoid geopolitics.

A very happy New Year to all readers of this blog. May 2016 bring you health, and prosperity, and intellectual curiosity and satisfaction.

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4 Comments on “Here’s what I’m hoping at the start of 2016”

  1. Ahmad Salih Says:

    Happy New Year and may all your hopes become reality in 2016.

  2. baronesssamedi Says:

    I just hope it stops raining!

  3. anna notaro Says:

    The key to the successful ritual of new year’s hopes (or resolutions) is *managing disappointment*, such pearl of wisdom is not by Schopenhauer, but by comedian John Oliver:

    Happy New Year to you All!

  4. no name Says:

    Happy 2017 to you — this is to wish it to be an improvement upon 2016 for you and all. (That might be seem too inclusive; however, an improvement for some who cause distress to many (the US President-elect, for instance, or the President of the Philippines, and so on) could well turn out among the consequences of a boon for those who do not create such distress — the distress inducing folks might find during 2017 that they enjoy not creating distress, for example.)

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