Bingo, it’s a cliché

As academics all over the Northern hemisphere usher in the new academic year and all its activities, they will no doubt be enjoying the new round of committee meetings. One way of passing the time at these, according to an American website, is to play a game of bingo that spots various clichés and behaviour patterns. Some of it is very familiar on this side of the Atlantic, some of it less so (do people here talk about ‘the guy with the short shorts’?).

So perhaps we need our own bingo cards. I’m open to relevant entries.

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3 Comments on “Bingo, it’s a cliché”

  1. Chris Moule Says:

    It is not just committee meetings that may require the distraction of a bingo card. Back in my university days, in Liverpool, I could have made great use (& fun) of one of these Seminar Bingo cards (see link). Those Business Statistics lectures would have flown by and I’d have been back in the Student Union in no time !

    Click to access SeminarBingo.pdf

  2. mikehamlyn Says:

    Lingo Bingo has got me through many a course validation event. I think my finest hour though, was the last meeting of Academic Planning Group to be attended by the outgoing head of Quality. We agreed to sneak in as many Abba lyrics and titles to the meeting. Clear opportunities to use “Take a Chance on Me”, “The Name of The Game”, “Waterloo”, “Gimme Gimme Gimme” etc. The PVC chairing knew something was happening, but not quite what….

  3. Jeremy Says:

    Ahh Bingo cards … the fallback activity for educators of all stripes … academia is rife with cliches, so any time tries to use inexplicably complex language to make a simple point would be my suggestion…

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