Sic transit

Readers of this blog may forgive me for a very short post today. I have been on a short holiday in America, and have only just returned. This week RGU has its summer graduations, and it is a busy week for me as I recover from jet lag.

However, I would want to note that over recent days, in two separate jurisdictions that both have had cabinet reshuffles, Ministers in charge of higher education have retired from the scene. In Ireland it has been Ruairi Quinn, and in England David Willetts. These are both very different men, but they have shared one thing in common: that they both value and have wanted to engage constructively with universities. One of these Ministers may have views that are rather closer to mine than those of the other, but I have met them both and found them both impressive, in different ways.

All too often university affairs are governed by politicians who have little understanding of higher education and who see their responsibility primarily in terms of where it will take their careers. Neither Ruairi Quinn nor David Willetts were of that kind. I wish both of them well, and I suspect they have more to offer still, and that we may yet get some of their reflections in published form.

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2 Comments on “Sic transit”

  1. V.H Says:

    I don’t think you’ve really any idea just what the Labour party has done in the last few years. Those fools provided a mudguard to rightwing party and in combination they inflicted upon the weaker sections such rancid mayhem that in a million years FG couldn’t have gotten away with. Wilfully blind, stupid and greedy are some of the kinder words, but there are others far more apt albeit a tad more ugly. Thatcher on the very worst day she ever had, didn’t dream up half the stuff this crew allowed.
    Irish students of history can easily make this connection, fat, old, well fed, complacent and fighting the last war.
    Oh BTW, if you think I’m OTT or exaggerating give Peter McVerry a bell, or one of your own that has a poor parish.

  2. It doesn’t do to get too close to politicians – they are mostly all likeable, hence their qualification for the post – but they still are just a tip of the Party policies iceberg.

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