Refreshing the mind

A few months ago I visited  a well known company and was struck by some of the facilities they maintain for their employees. One of these was a darkened room in which there were recliner seats where people could go to take a nap. The idea is, I was told, that they re-emerge from the room refreshed and tackle their work with much greater vigour.

This approach has now also been adopted by a university: the University of Michigan has introduced ‘napping stations’ in their library, consisting of beds and pillows. This is intended to allow students to take a break and overcome the damaging effects of sleep deprivation.

It will be interesting to observe how these napping stations are used and what the impact is, assuming this can be properly assessed. It seems to me that there may be scope more generally to look again at how institutions can provide facilities that allow both staff and students to seek refreshment and a break from routine – particularly if this enhances creativity.

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2 Comments on “Refreshing the mind”

  1. V.H Says:

    I get how 40winks would refresh one after lunch. Who is going to watch over you and the others in the napping station while you are kipping. Then, Sed quis custodiet ipsos custodes for frankly wouldn’t it be target rich for all sorts. The most benign being a bit of student nookie.

  2. C.S. Says:

    I think this is a great idea. As an older student I wish that when I first started college in my late teens this was available. I would spend hours in the library cramming. Sleep was a luxury. I would fall asleep with my head on the table. Now as an older student I just call it quits and go take a nap. But this would have been much easier.

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