Happy Christmas!

May I wish all readers of this blog a happy, relaxed and satisfying Christmas. As I write this, storms are battering where I am staying for Christmas, in the Irish Midlands. I hope that this will pass (here and elsewhere) without causing excessive damage or distress. So may this holiday season be everything you wanted it to be. And many thanks for stopping by here, today and on other days.

Maybe it may also be of interest that, if you are celebrating Christmas, you are doing something that was illegal for a number of years in some countries. Christmas was banned by Cromwell’s government in 1647, and observing it (even privately) was prohibited until 1650. The American Puritans took a dim view of it also. As a holiday it only became popular after Prince Albert (after whom the building where I worked for some years in DCU was named) introduced his inherited German customs to England in the mid-19th century, and when US popular culture (from Coca Cola to Disney) introduced the ‘modern’ Santa Claus to the world (‘Santa’ being of course a re-branded Saint Nicholas of Myra).

A very happy Christmas to you all!

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3 Comments on “Happy Christmas!”

  1. V.H Says:

    May the Blessing of the Birth be upon you and all of yours and to all who read and comment.

    As to the Santa side as distinct from the Nicholas of Myra aspect. What I find somewhat interesting is that he is part of a duality with Krampus, aspects of which you find from Pamplona to the Paulician movement in Armenia and the Bogomils of Bulgaria, and of course the Albigensians. So perhaps what was biting the butt of Cromwell and the medieval church was pretty much the same,( a statement that should have lots of people spinning like tops 🙂 ). A combination of Neo-Manichaeism with local Celtic paganism which survived in the hills and wild places.

  2. Al Says:

    Many happy returns.

  3. no-name Says:

    Happy 2014 to you and all.

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