City pavements

I haven’t posted any photographs for a while, so here are two that showing one of my favourite photographic themes: paved streets. Both were taken in September of this year.

The first photo is of Correction Wynd in Aberdeen, just as it crosses under Union Street.

Correction Wynd

Correction Wynd

The second is in Temple Bar, Dublin.

Temple Bar

Temple Bar


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4 Comments on “City pavements”

  1. Fiona Says:

    I love the ghostly effect of the Dublin photograph!

  2. Anna Notaro Says:

    Great texture and perspective to both pictures, I like the pigeon in the top one, such birds are so part of the urban landscape, so why not, while the two women in the bottom pic are almost a ghostly presence…one could only guess the pic is taken in Ireland by looking (very closely) at the glass window or street name, in the end the aesthetic privileged by the photographer is so similar that the place where they have been taken is not so important..

  3. V.H Says:

    I like the top one. The bottom one is a bit busy for me.

    I’ve tried a blue filter with my b&w town shots, it darkens the sky dramatically like this

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