What’s not to like

Quite frequently I travel to and from work by bus. I live a little way outside Aberdeen, and the bus journey is good for doing some reading in preparation for the day; and to over-hear conversations, like the following one. The dramatis personae were two young women.

Woman #1:   ‘I don’t know, like, it’s like, I was like, “what are you doing?”‘
Woman #2:   ‘I hate that, like, when they’re like “I don’t understand”.’
Woman #1:   ‘I’m like, “are you stupid, like?'”

Well, I think the word ‘like’ now urgently needs to be erased from the English language. Its use in any context should be severely punishable. That’s all we can still do. If we don’t act now, we shall all be fatally buried under an avalanche of ‘like’.

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10 Comments on “What’s not to like”

  1. Neurohead Says:


    Sorry, someone had to

  2. We are in complete agreement. In a similar fashion, I’m worried about the use of “actually” and “literally.”

  3. Sinéad Says:

    Couldn’t agree more, but Miriam Margoyles puts it better!

  4. pinka Says:

    As a foreign person I have noticed also the frequency of using “like” in the UK. I was taught in my English classes to try to differentiate my language. I’m wondering if there is any way to help people to use substitutes. I think a huge role is played here by school and also the decreasing level of reading books

  5. But you have to press Like to indicate agreement!

    It’s all about trying to acquire a demotic code, a language code that self identifies. Overdone and it becomes irony, but there must Be intent. Here there is no intent. I suspect it is marginalised groups trying to fit in some larger cultural group that is supposed to be possibly trans-Atlantic.
    It is very irritating to hear I admit, but try and hear it as people knocking on a door for admission to some place bigger than where they are..

  6. Gabriel Matthews Says:

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