Flowing into the city

The heart of the city of Aberdeen rests between two rivers, the Dee and the Don. What you see on this photo is the Bridge of Dee, which for a ling time provided main access route into the city from the south. There are now three additional bridges, but a good deal of traffic traffic is still taken across this rather narrow but attractive bridge.

Bridge of Dee, Aberdeen

Bridge of Dee, Aberdeen

In the background you can see parts of Aberdeen city, with its many spires, and some less attractive newer high rise buildings.

You may also notice a number of dark specks in the sky. This is not dust on the camera lens, but rather what you see are some of the thousands of birds that are a constant feature of this coastal city.

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3 Comments on “Flowing into the city”

  1. V.H Says:

    This winter I’ve prayed for faster glass and higher clean iso while shooting outside. I’ve really had to tilt things in post-production. Thank God for raw.
    I don’t know the patterns well enough in northern Scotland, you could be in a spot that has high relative sunlight. A bit like last winter here. But every time I viewed the Met Eire sat photos for the past months I thought of you since the night seemed to arrive just after three. Mind you out the other side the seven hours of twilight must be glorious for the cameraperson.
    Looks a bit like Galway.

  2. Anna Notaro Says:

    Is it just me, reading too much into a picture, but the curvy shape of the clouds seems to find a beautiful parallel of sorts in the arches of the bridge – natura naturata….

  3. Eddie Says:

    If one is interested in studying decaying cities in Britain, one should put Aberdeen on the top of the list. The once grand granite city is fast resembling the decaying American downtowns in the MidWest, and the Union Street exemplifies this decay. People have deserted the city to move to suburbs in sectors like the Royal Deeside. The previous VC of RGU lived in Cults. Excepting the beautiful Marischal College. which once had the honour of having that great scientist James Clerk Maxwell (who after being not considered as worthy for the Physics chair at the U of Aberdeen, moved to Kings College London, then to University of Cambridge, and established the famous Cavendish Laboratory there-which has produced so many science Nobel Prize winners ) and King’s College Chapel in the precincts of the University of Aberdeen, there are not that many attractive buildings.

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