New York, New York

The photo I published here two days ago  of a New York scene prompted an interesting discussion on this really extraordinary city, and its capacity to be so many different things in so many different ways: its capacity to be poetry, tragedy, mythology – or whatever it is we are seeking. So here are three other photos from that recent visit.

Fifth Avenue



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8 Comments on “New York, New York”

  1. taylormm Says:

    This is a great set. I feel like you really capture the energy and movement of the streets.

  2. Jill Clarke Says:

    Now I am curious, is that a steam vent in the first one, that is making it all atmospheric? Nice of them to supply that for photographers

  3. V.H Says:

    I really like the first one. Is that a rickshaw along the line of the pavement. The 2nd, I don’t know, the lines are off somehow. Did you crop it ?. Oddly enough I lived in Golders Green at one point so seeing the Hasidic chatting like that doesn’t say NYC in the first.

  4. Anna Notaro Says:

    New York is all three of them of course but, to my eyes at least, it is especially ‘Metropolis’, as in these extraordinary drawings of one of the best architectural renderers of his time, Hugh Ferriss

  5. MunchkinMan Says:

    I love the black and white – it always gives that added sense of bleakness, threat and distance (in photos of this nature). The second shot I really like, reminding me of S&G’s song Bleecker Street, where the ”…fog’s rolling in off the East River bank, like a shroud…fills the alleys where men meet, hides the shepherd from the sheep”. The third shot, of course, denies that sentiment, and provides a counter-point to my previous suggestion.

  6. litljortindan Says:

    I was in New York in 2001 and got a sore neck from looking up at the buildings. I was also shocked by what seemed to be large numbers of homeless people sitting or sleeping in the subway passages. Warm in there I suppose and hasn’t changed since:

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