Gotham City

I recently spent two days in New York, and while most of my time was taken up with meetings, I did have an hour or two to stroll down the streets and take some photographs. New York can be all sorts of different things, depending on where you are, when you are there and what you make of it. Here, it was Gotham City.

Gotham City

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5 Comments on “Gotham City”

  1. Vince Says:

    You got the exposure on the buildings pretty good. Such a pity the bat signal got lost in exposure of the sky. 😀

  2. no-name Says:


  3. Anna Notaro Says:

    When it comes to the visual representations of New York, it is difficult to escape the familiar, the Gotham of the comics, the city of the disaster movies, always on the brink of destruction, the city of the future imagined by architects and renderers, the emblem of modernity, a mythologized ‘New York’, whose images have travelled across media and time as kaleidoscopic fragments, manifestations of an ever evolving aesthetic. It is as if every picture of New York, no matter how innovative the technique used to capture it – the old Kodak, the oil & canvas or the most sophisticated digital camera – could not forgo its own myth, the sense of a ‘metropolitan drama’ ( performed everyday in its streets. One looks at a picture like this one and thinks of Charles Sheeler, Sherril Schell, Berenice Abbott, an endless list of references, and yet – maybe because of the white light – the one image which first came to my mind is by Georgia O’ Keeffe, City Night (1926) ( a painting whose vertical convergence uses a photographic technique to create a cavernous and forboding effect, the white light shining as a beacon of hope to those who wander the city streets.

    • Don Says:

      Heck, it’s just a photo of some buildings which reminded Ferdinand of his schoolboy Batman comics/t.v programs or whatever – quite nice, actually, Ferdinand…

      • Anna Notaro Says:

        You are perfectly right Don it is *just* a photo 🙂 only New York City happens to have a particular personal/intellectual resonance for me, hence I got a bit carried away with the mental connections 🙂 After all, as the post says, New York can be all sorts of different things….

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