It has not been the very best late June that I can remember. I believe we have not had quite as severe weather as has been experienced in some other parts of Great Britain, but it has been pretty bad.

Here is how it has looked on the coast just north of Aberdeen.

Aberdeenshire Coast

Aberdeenshire Coast

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2 Comments on “Weather”

  1. Vince Says:

    Good shot. Hard to judge the A,S,ISO, WB and an uncooperative subject

    What is that thing anyway. Fort George ?. But that’s on a spit isn’t it. Was it a quay that wasn’t finished during the 1890’s when they were on that Highland&Islands Coastal Improvement building boom. You see them on the west coast also. A beautifully made haven out in the middle of absolutely nowhere. Functionless then and now.

  2. Anna Notaro Says:

    This picture makes me think of the Sturm und Drang proto-romantic movement (1760s-1780s) with their obsessive depiction in the visual arts of stormy seas, showing the terror and irrational destruction wrought by nature, and still man builds on such windswept coast functionless buildings- to quote Vince – useless but visually stunning…

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