So where do we want to be on this league table?

Well, you probably thought that you had seen all the university rankings, both locally and globally. But think again. A student website,, has produced a league table with a difference: one which measures in which UK universities students have the most sex. The results was assembled from the findings of a survey of 4,656 students in 100 universities. The resulting table has Bangor University in Wales (and we won’t go into the interpretation suggested by the students of the university’s name) at the top, while at the bottom we have the University of Essex. My own university, Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, is at number 25, and I have no idea whether this pleases me or whether I’d prefer it somewhere else in the table.

Scotland has only one university in the top 20 (Heriot Watt at number 2), while Wales is dramatically over-represented there with four universities. But it absolutely impossible to identify any particular trend in the rankings. There is no overall difference between pre- and post-1992 universities, or between the regions (except for Wales). So it is possible that the results are a fluke governed purely by the habits of this particular group of students, and that the pattern could change dramatically in a year or two; we shall have to wait and see.

Clearly it is not saying anything very new to point out that there is a fair amount of sex in universities. But this also reminds us that universities need to take seriously issues such as sexual health and personal safety, as well as various codes of ethics.

In the meantime, I suspect that this table is not being highlighted in any university’s PR materials.

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6 Comments on “So where do we want to be on this league table?”

  1. anna notaro Says:

    Insightful list on the same web site of the subjects which ‘get most action’. Disappointing to see that Media Studies is only 36 out of 43! Economics top of the list, surprised?

  2. Vince Says:

    You cannot help but question the numbers since the sexes tend to have very different views with regards to volume and will exaggerate accordingly.
    Further, looking at the split, Grosseteste 83f-17m; Cumbria 71f-29m; Bangor 59f-41m; You at RGU 62f-38m; you’d have to say opportunity seems to play a goodly part.
    On the health issue, a plethora of openly displayed condom and a few lectures avec courgettes explaining their dressing mightn’t go astray for the 1st years with a refresher each year since those synapses tend to get blown one way or another.

    • Al Says:

      Such an important component may demand more than a mere lecturer in instruction…
      Might require the leadership of a President, V.C. or Principal!

  3. cormac Says:

    Q: How is the behaviour measured?
    A: By asking people
    Conclusion: This is what people say they do, not what they do – this is a totally unreliable way of measuring anything. No conclusions can be drawn

  4. Clare Says:

    I don’t know if I should be impressed at the entrepreneurial spirit or shock at ‘young people today’ 🙂

  5. Chris Says:

    Bangor University is top of list – that wil provide headline writers with weeks of material !! Can’t wait to see what ‘Have i Got News for You’ makes of that. PS. Let’s hope they don’t do an HE staff survey

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