Overwhelmingly granite

As some readers of this blog may know, Aberdeen is known as the Granite City. Most of its buildings are made of granite, and the scale of it can be almost overwhelming at first sight. But the biggest granite building of them all is Marischal College, seen here.

Technically, there are lots of things wrong with this photo: the severe lens distortion, the cars, and so on. But this was the only perspective I could use to show as much of the building as possible. It is in fact the second largest granite building in the world (the biggest is in Spain). It took nearly a hundred years to build, and was completed around the beginning of the 20th century.

Marischal College itself was originally an independent university, but became part of the University of Aberdeen in the mid-19th century. The university has now however largely left the site, and the building itself is now the home of Aberdeen City Council. It is a significant landmark in the city.

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10 Comments on “Overwhelmingly granite”

  1. pixelogist Says:

    thats a beautiful building! and i think its a pretty good shot. the sky compliments the building very well. sure, not perfect, but it doesnt need to be 🙂

    • Anna Notaro Says:

      I am not sure that the color of the sky in this pic complements the building very well at all (difficult to explain but it looks too algid, too artificial)what I do like is the shadow on one side of the building though..

  2. Eugene Gath Says:

    Ferdinand, we miss you -you’re in the mega-boring mould now.But still, thank you for the good times.

  3. Vince Says:

    I think for the most part buildings are notoriously difficult to get the best from in a photo. They are designed to be seen in a very controlled way.
    That cake icing makes a stark building quite sinister. You could easily see it in a film about the un-dead. And you cannot help but feel that it came from the same drawer as UCG, UCC and QUB.

  4. Al Says:

    Takes effort to work granite to that detail!

  5. Eddie Says:

    The great James Clark Maxwell of Maxwell’s equations fame worked in this college for a time. When this college became part of Aberdeen U, he did not get a chair in Physics ,and he moved to King’s college London, did productive work there for time. He was invited by the Cambridge U later. His contribution while in Cambridge U was immense, and he established the famous Cavendish Laboratory there.

    For a long time Engineering department was housed in this college before it moved to the Aberdeen University’s main campus. This department today, arguably is the best in Britain.

    • Eddie Says:

      Mention of buildings in Aberdeen is never complete without reference to the famous and majestic King’s College Chapel of Aberdeen U, and its Crown Tower.

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