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Every so often readers of this blog have to put up with posts about Newcastle United FC. More often than not these have been tales of woe, with accounts of mismanagement and uncertainty of direction, skulduggery and delusion. Not today. Against all the odds, for the past year Newcastle’s owner has served up a banquet for the fans in the form of extraordinarily skilful management (in the form of the unexpectedly brilliant Alan Pardew) and sheer genius in sourcing new players. The result: the club sits at number 6 in the Premier League, equal on points with Chelsea, but after spending only a fraction of the money that has sustained (or not sustained) the latter. And they are just five points below out-of-form Tottenham Hotspurs, with eight games to go.

If Newcastle can win enough of these games to get above Chelsea and overtake Spurs, then it’s the Champions League. Oh well, you can dream.

In this blog I have been very critical of owner Mike Ashley in the past, and would still maintain that he needs to become better (or even just very slightly good) at communicating with fans. But it may well be that, contrary to what I had thought, his recipe for running a premiership club is right after all. Less of the silly spending, more strategy and tactics. And to be honest, it’s a more interesting approach.

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7 Comments on “Fantasy football”

  1. Bill Says:

    You say “mismanagement and uncertainty of direction, skulduggery and delusion.” At a football club? How about at an HEI? Lessons for everybody if we did but look. But it seems anything can be turned around with good management

  2. Chris Moule Says:

    I agree. Newcastle are punching well above their weight this season and its good to see. Whilst my team, Liverpool, are going in the opposite direction. Joseph Heller once said ” Some men are born mediocre, some men achieve mediocrity, and some men have mediocrity thrust upon them”…it is not good enough for a true red fan !

    • So Chris, what are we expecting next Sunday? And is Kenny still the King?

      • Chris Moule Says:

        Liverpool will win on Sunday. We up our game on these occassions. It’s the Swanseas, Wigans, Fulhams, Sunderlands we can’t beat. Liverpool hold no fear for these clubs. Last season I took my son on the Anfield tour (before watching us get beat by Blackpool !!). He was lifted up to touch the ‘This is Anfield’ sign as he led us out the tunnel into the stadium. That sign (& the kop) intimidated every player in the 70s, 80s and some of the 90s. Not any more !! We have become a mid-table team that lacks the quality and consistency that Newcastle have demonstrated this season. As for Kenny ? He is (and will always be) my childhood hero – a great man and an amazing footballer. Liverpool blood runs in his veins. But he is NOT the man to take us on to our first premier league win and more Champion League glory…Jose Mourinho likes a challange ???

        • Eddie Says:

          I do not support any FC. But In his days, Kenny was the best footballer. This club of Bill Shankey, needs a clear out of players, and a new blood build up. Jose cannot do much with the current bunch. As Bill Shankely said”‘If you are first you are first. If you are second you are nothing.’

  3. Vince Says:

    I get the feeling there is something of holding a Wren in your hands about this post. Too tight and you crush too loose and the fast beating heart will flutter quickly into the wild blue yonder.

    Anywho, best of luck..

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