This blog is now nearly three and a half years old, and has attracted over a million hits. During that time I have published 1,802 posts, and readers have made 12,580 comments on these posts. Something new has been published here pretty much every day since June 2008.

It may be time for a change of pace, or else I shall have published every thought in my head, however vacuous. I have therefore decided that, for now, I shall only publish a post once a week, on Tuesday mornings. If something startling happens on other days about which I feel moved to comment, then there may be additional posts on those days. I may also from time to time publish links to news items or comments elsewhere that may be of interest to readers. So keep looking in…

This space does in any case remain open to all, and if any reader would like to share (non-libellous) pieces here, then I shall be happy to publish them, on any day of the week.

Many thanks to all of you for your attention, which I genuinely appreciate and value.

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26 Comments on “Blogging”

  1. anna notaro Says:

    I might not have followed this blog from its very start, however as a member of the community of readers I would just like to express a collective thank you for sharing your thoughts with us all on a daily basis. It has been an illuminating, entertaining, intellectually stimulating, occasionally frustrating, always rewarding experience.
    No pressure, but now, you are aware of the expectations we have for the weekly post! πŸ™‚

  2. Your daily voice of informed sense, humour and wisdom will be much missed. Thank you for three fantastic years!

  3. John Carter Says:

    Yes. A useful blog for bringing HE management and technical issues down to earth. Steering the middle path is always difficult but on the bravery stakes committing oneself publicly to any view compares favourably with chair-sitting committee-dom. I’ll stay tuned.

  4. Regina Says:


    Looks like it’s back to Bingo for the rest of the week then.

    Vincent, Anna, Al, JohnCarter, Musicfordeckchairs, Jilly, ErnieBall, No-name: any of you offering online courses on the art of HE as an alternative?

  5. Dear all – many thanks for the comments. In the meantime the offer to host posts written by others, on any or all days of the week, stands!

  6. Of course after I said I would go to just one post a week I suddenly had lots of ideas for new ones. Must stick to my intentions… πŸ™‚

  7. What surprises me is that although I haven’t published any new posts for a couple of days the traffic on my blog has hardly slowed down at all…

    I’m still hoping someone is out there writing posts that we can publish here. New post(s) from me coming up Tuesday.

  8. Vincent Says:

    My monitor died so I hadn’t read that you’ve decided to reduce output. Throughput ?.
    Anyhows, I’ve been half expecting this to happen for no one can keep up the volume and keep a fun frame of mind. You have tried to create a common room atmosphere, a welcoming one and for the most part succeeded.

  9. Vincent Says:

    Well done on Marian this morning.

  10. Gustav Says:

    It has been rewarding listening to the voice of sanity, sometimes inspiration, over the past year since I have followed your blog.

    I often wondered just how you managed it, given the demands of your current job and external commitments.

    I was glad though to hear that you will still continue on a weekly basis.

  11. John Carter Says:

    The UK government has come up with the idea that students should get their ‘A’ level results *before* they apply for university. This staggeringly revolutionary insight has been met with bewilderment by Oxbridge boffins, who say it couldn’t possibly work. They prefer people to guess what they’re going to get and sort it all out later when they don’t. “It’s what we’ve always done in the past” squeaked a spokesperson.

  12. John Carter Says:

    Oh yes ~ please come back Herr Ferdy etc etc. Amen.

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