Recession photograph

The photo below was taken on a recent visit to America, but it probably could have been taken in a number of countries, in any city near you.


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4 Comments on “Recession photograph”

  1. mjp6034 Says:

    Oliver Letwin has learned from his mistakes, he now pulls up his hood when disposing of letters in bins…

  2. Chris Says:

    Very Poignant image and sadly mirrored in most large cities around the world, including Aberdeen.

    But life is not all bad…with a bit of imagnation bins can be fun…

  3. Francisco Says:

    Certainly, it is an image that it could be taken in many parts of the world. It reflects the unfortunate reality of an unequal world.

  4. anna notaro Says:

    To quote the Daily Mail (cannot believe I’m doing this!) ‘You know things must be bad when the woman scavenging through Athens rubbish bins is a Greek heiress called ONASSIS’ pic at

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