Railway cathedral

I was recently in London and had an opportunity to visit St Pancras railway station. It is a truly amazing building, a real cathedral of transport. It is now the station from which Eurostar trains depart for the Channel Tunnel and Europe.

St Pancras

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9 Comments on “Railway cathedral”

  1. Fred the Dog Says:


  2. That is an awesome picture. The angle really adds to the beauty of the building 🙂

  3. Fred the Dog Says:

    Unless of course that’s you took that photo, in which case… wow.

  4. Fred the Dog Says:


  5. Fred the Dog Says:

    Great texture to that photo.

    Most of us, probably naturally, identify a building from its presentation at ground level. This photo invites us to raise our necks and look up.

  6. Vincent Says:

    Last I saw it, ’twasn’t a million miles from the colour you present here. I hear they have washed a hundred years of smut from it.
    You’d have to say it wouldn’t be out of place in Bavaria nor having a chunk of it mushed into some brides face.
    For myself I like Kings Cross far better -less Harry Potter- and think the BL wall to be an improvement.

  7. Sandy Brownlee Says:

    St Pancras is one of my favourite buildings – both the Midland Grand Hotel and also the cavernous train shed – Victorian grandness at its best. That’s a great shot of it too!

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