Times Higher rankings

The world university rankings issued by Times Higher Education – which over recent years have been accepted as the most authoritative international league table – are published today. The global number 1 spot has now been taken by the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), followed by Harvard, Stanford and Oxford. The top 20 contain 14 American universities, 4 British, 1 Swiss and 1 Canadian. There is no sign in the rankings of any visible decline of US institutions.

The highest ranked non-British EU university is the Karolinska Institute from Sweden at number 32, followed by the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich at 45. The University of Edinburgh leads the Scottish universities at number 36. Ireland’s highest rated university is Trinity College Dublin at number 117, followed by University College Dublin at 159.

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3 Comments on “Times Higher rankings”

  1. I was 26 when I was interviewed for my lecturing post. They asked me; “You’ve worked as an engineer but how do you feel about lecturing?”. I answered; “I am only 6 years out of college. I remember how it shouldn’t be done”. I could say that my strong views on teaching were mostly influenced by the appalling teaching I experienced in university. Imagine my surprise to find my alma mater in the top 100 2 years ago. How do they do these rankings?

  2. Fred Says:

    Something is wring here. Lets go at the end of this list(351-400). There we see Liverpool John Moores University together with Loughborough University and University of Strathclyde to name few. Slight above (301-350) we can find University of Hertfordshire and Plymouth University. Something is wrong here! And even worse if Hertfordshire can be in 301-350 where is RGU?

  3. Al Says:

    We have to live in a world with rankings, but surely we should seek to do so on some of our own terms?
    This is especially important in Ireland, where our genetic make up results in our fear of foreign criticisms and love of compliments!
    We should be able to measure our performance within the rankings on our own terms with own criteria and long term ambitions. If this means rising or falling in the rankings, then so be it!
    But the treatment of rankings in a similar way to people on trolleys in hospital isn’t intelligent! Further the media putting all this at the door of the minister is equally questionable.
    And it dumbs down the public debate on this too!

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