What you see here is Aberdeen’s His Majesty’s Theatre, which opened in 1906 and is one of the largest theatres in these islands.

His Majesty's Theatre, Aberdeen

His Majesty's Theatre, Aberdeen

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6 Comments on “Theatrical”

  1. Vince Says:

    I find the subject of the photo very depressing. It displays the same narrowness of architectural vision that’s caused mile upon mile of tiny dead houses across the Irish and UK landscape over the 15 years. We could have developed a new -for the time – designs like a latter day version of the Hampstead Garden Suburb. Something, anything that might mark out the Place and not repeat the housing aspirations of another generation. In Ireland, this being the mid 1730s for those with a good bit of money and the step lower, the 1830s estate vernacular.
    That building in the north of Scotland could be anyplace from Melbourne, Vic. through Memphis Tenn. to Mumbai, Maharashtra. It’s simply the result of the burgers flicking through the Public Building Book and saying to the architect ‘we’ll have one of those’.

    Do you have a Landrover by any chance. If you do, you might try standing on the roof of the thing when shooting such a building. Or try putting the camera right down on the pavement. The Landrover is better though for you’ll be level-ish to the bottom of the first floor windows.

    • Vince Says:

      There is a ssing ‘h’. I need new batteries for the keyboard I expect. 🙂

      • anna notaro Says:

        Vince, there are very specific reasons of course behind the adoption of what, with modern eyes, we define as ‘a narrowness of architectural vision’ not simply ‘the result of the burgers flicking through the Public Building Book and saying to the architect ‘we’ll have one of those’. Architectural styles reflect symbolically the dominant cultural trends of the time, as such they have a somewhat archeological value, rather than condemoning the buildings of the past for their narrowness I’d rather concentrate on ‘getting right’ the ones of the present…

        • anna notaro Says:

          sorry..for clarification by ‘getting it right’ I mean not replicating the same uniformity of (corporate) architectural discourse that we criticize in the old ones

        • Vince Says:

          Well, yes of course. You will have an vanguard that are acting with Mind. But for much of the Victorian period in the UK and USA that wasn’t the case and most construction could be seen as a mindless colonialism.

    • Regina Says:

      Looking at it as an image, the detail afforded by the black & white seems to capture the idea of a site where storylines are written in the walls and characters may appear at any moment from the shadows – rather than conveying architectural arrogance or cultural imperialism. Even that smudgy sky is full of possibility. Theatrical indeed!

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