University admissions: abandoning examinations altogether?

As debates continue on this side of the Atlantic about what kind of final school examination most nearly predicts university performance and thus constitutes the best admissions test, in the United States some universities are abandoning entrance exams altogether. DePaul University in Chicago has stopped using the standards US entrance exams (the ACT and SAT) and is now basing decisions on interviews and essay and project work. The response to this has been sceptical, with commentators concluding that this represents a serious dumbing down. Whether this is so or not, it highlights the uncertainty that exists around how to design university entrance criteria. No country has probably yet got this right.

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One Comment on “University admissions: abandoning examinations altogether?”

  1. Al Says:

    Esther went on quite a rant there!

    It shows the difficulty involved in tweaking a system seeking to improve it.
    It is easy and even lazy to dump this kind of criticism and no matter what paint or other liquid you throw it sticks!!!

    Fair play to DePaul for both their courage and innovation. I
    Time will tell if it works.

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