Views of Aberdeen

This area is known as the Merchant Quarter of Aberdeen, and it contains a number of restaurants and historic buildings.

Correction Wynd, Merchant Quarter, Aberdeen

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7 Comments on “Views of Aberdeen”

  1. Al Says:

    Stone, the mother of all building materials!

  2. Regina Says:

    Class! homage to Escher

  3. andybeel Says:

    This reminds me a bit of Bill Brandt – thanks

  4. John Carter Says:

    I find it claustrophobic and oppressive. My failing, I know.

  5. anna notaro Says:

    what all your urban pics seem to have in a common is a rather melancholic aura..

  6. Gustav Says:

    I love the geometry of this composition and its black mood.

    The absurdly named Aberdeen Merchant Quarter is a pale shadow of its Glasgow namesake.

    If you had walked around this area around 40 years ago you would have seen the so-called Wallace Tower (real name:Benholm Tower) a well known slum moved stone by stone in 1964 from its original site, close to where you took your photograph, and re-erected in Old Aberdeen (

    A piece of late mediaeval Aberdeen preserved, even if out of its urban context, by Lord Marks of Marks and Spenser, to make way for the “urban renewal” of Aberdeen city centre.

    If the Aberdeen City Council can be condemned for this, there is some irony here. Benholm Tower was built in 1610 for Sir Robert Keith of Benholm, a younger brother of George Keith, 5th Earl Marischal (c.1553 – 1623), who founded Marischal College, now the headquarters of the Aberdeen City Council.

  7. upmg Says:

    Has a gritty infra-red feel to it – nice.

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