Views of Aberdeen

This is a slightly different view of Aberdeen. I liked the combination of the early morning light and the rows of cars. The photo was taken at 6 am one morning in July 2011.

the street

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4 Comments on “Views of Aberdeen”

  1. Rifqi Says:

    Nice, I like the conversion and the blown out sky lends it an almost dreamy quality.

  2. Vincent Says:

    Very Samuel Beckett.

  3. anna notaro Says:

    it does capture the typical granite tenements aesthetics, just before the city wakes up..the rows of stationary cars parallel to the apartments where their owners are still asleep, the private/public dimension of city life, soon their engines will start, all will be back to ‘normal’, that moment in time will be gone…

  4. no-name Says:

    I like the photo. Curiously, I find the combination of the light and the rows of cars unsettling. I can easily imagine the pain of a resident light sleeper as the (more inconsiderate) early risers make their way, noisily, to work, ensuring that they give the car door a good slam and rev the engine before tearing off, possibly with the radio blaring. This, for me, contrasts starkly with the serenity that the light brings to the picture. It seems to be a bit of tease…look up and see the street where you really want to live (the nice light, inherently appealing buildings), but look down for the miserable reality (noisy cars sending fumes through the lovely windows).

    In a series of photos I can imagine this one working well if placed before the photo you posted of the traffic clogged street.

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