Educating the taste buds

Well, first there was McDonald’s ‘Hamburger University‘. Now the world’s first ‘ice cream university‘ has been opened in the small Italian town of Anzola dell’Emilia. I’d almost certainly prefer the latter to the former, but there must be more potential in this concept. Scotland should be the home of a Whisky University. Somewhere in Ireland there is scope for a Dairy University. And maybe a Frankfurter University, though definitely not in Frankfurt.

I can see the academic conference game looking brighter again.

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8 Comments on “Educating the taste buds”

  1. Newell Hampson-Jones Says:

    Dominos also set up a university in Japan back in the 90s (I think) which was key to them entering the market and changing their value chain to suit the local customs.

  2. Rob Cosgrave Says:

    I think University College Corks extensive Food Science section has the ‘dairy university’ covered, although the name is catchier than ‘Cowpunchers’

    • Ah no, Rob, I’m not talking about food science departments in old universities. I’m talking about proper food-focused (exclusively) universities. Like a paté university in France. That sort of thing.

      • Jilly Says:

        I do know (from watching a bizarre documentary on French TV last year) that France has foie gras inspectors, who swoop on restaurants to check that what is being sold as foie gras is the real thing. So a foie gras university in France is a distinct possibility, I would have thought.

  3. For some reason, and I can’t think why, they must not be satisfied with the existing offerings.

  4. no-name Says:

    Do primary schools in Ireland (or indeed elsewhere) still use advertising in the form of posters, games, etc., supplied by the National Dairy Council (funded by the Irish dairy industry), the beef folks and the like or has this now been deemed inappropriate? I have clear memories of such material advocating that I drink many pints of milk per day for my health (profit margins, of course, were not mentioned). Erm, the connection to the original post is that Ireland may not need a “Dairy University” given that the dairy people are (were?) allowed to infiltrate the education system long before third level.

  5. revd rob Says:

    what about a Haggis University?

  6. Don Says:

    There is a Kellogg College in the University of Oxford – it even has an ear of corn in its coat of arms…!

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