Grabbing the Apple

I was trying to remember today when I first, consciously, installed a new operating system on a computer. To be honest, I’m not sure I really understood the concept of a ‘new’ version of an operating system until Microsoft introduced Windows (which at first was really just an application that sat on top of MS-DOS, of blessed memory), and Apple introduced System 7 (before that I was never aware there was a System 6, or whatever) – both of which happened in the late 1980s. Then again, before that time operating systems were really odd things – you had them on a floppy disk (remember them?) which you inserted into the disk drive as you switched on your computer, and once it was loaded you removed the floppy and inserted another with your documents. Can you imagine that now, an entire operating system on a 1MB disk?

By the time Microsoft launched Windows 95 the thing was (if I recall) on 11 floppy disks which you had to insert one after another, each one taking ages to load. Not long after that operating systems appeared on CDs and eventually DVDs.

But today there’s another change. Apple is introducing its latest operating system – OS X Lion – online; you go to the Apple website and purchase it. You then download and instal it. That’s it. And it costs $29.99. It doesn’t seem that long ago when a new operating system was several times that price.

Apple’s Lion is being launched a day after the company announced record quarterly profits of $7.3 billion, on revenues of $28.6 billion. Not only are the revenues staggering, but profits amounting to nearly 25 per cent of revenues also show the extraordinary power of this company, which 20 or so years ago looked like a basket case. How times change.

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4 Comments on “Grabbing the Apple”

  1. revd rob Says:

    I have been using Ubuntu on my netbook for the past 3 months. Its a linux based OS and its free. It faster than windows and all associated software is open source (free). So I am glad I am not contributing to Apple and Windows profit margins

    • no-name Says:

      Totally agree. Linux is fantastic and it’s free. I don’t understand why people pay good money for inferior products. Apple and Windows folks must be laughing all the way to the bank…

  2. mjp6034 Says:

    I do like Ubuntu and Linux, but my main machine is a mac and I’m happy to spend money on it. The assertion that this is an inferior product to Linux simply cannot be supported in any seriousness. Apple have worked very hard to create a great end user experience for the vast majority of computer users. Linux is great, but it does not have the apps which Apple has, and my life is too short to nurse it into working properly. So I pay good money in this case for a superior rather than an inferior product.

    • anna notaro Says:

      yep I agree it’s all in the ‘user experience’ and what we undertand by it…besides the power of the brand cannot be underestimated, especially in Apple’s case…

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