Flying by the seat of her pants

Overheard this past weekend.

Passenger entering plane: ‘Where is seat 312?’
Cabin attendant: ‘You can sit anywhere you like.’
Passenger: ‘It says seat 312.’
Attendant: ‘No, this is flight 312.’
Passenger: ‘Where is 312?’
Attendant: ‘This is it. You’re on the right plane.’
Passenger: ‘Yes, but the seat?’
Attendant: ‘Anywhere you like.’
Passenger: ‘I’ll go to find seat 312.’
Attendant: ‘Good luck!’

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5 Comments on “Flying by the seat of her pants”

  1. Vincent Says:

    There are people that are so terrified of flying that they go into a zone. It must be a bit like when the women have a birthing plan.
    I’m certain that if I put most people to a rock face that the mantra ‘don’t look down, don’t look down’ would be heard just before ‘OHHHHHHHH, I shouldn’t have looked’ .

  2. Fred Says:

    “…you can sit anywhere you like..” it sounds like an easyjet flight?!

  3. cormac Says:

    I prefer assigned seats. But I often wonder what happened to the old “you have to seat in this seat for identification purposes in case of an accident’ argument? Interesting how these supposedly irrefutable arguments quietly disappear

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