The news that matters

If you happened to be listening to BBC Radio 4 yesterday at 5 pm, at the start of the station’s PM news programme, you will have been dismayed: not because of the arrival of General Mladic in The Hague, or even because of the nefarious goings-on in football governance body FIFA, but because the usual ‘pips’ leading up to the hour were missing, inexplicably. Yes indeed, this is a news item in its own right on the BBC. God bless them.

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2 Comments on “The news that matters”

  1. anna notaro Says:

    That was a serious matter, and rightly so, the pips are as old as the BBC itself and such occurrence had never happened before, I stared at the radio in disbelief yesterday 🙂 but then I guess even the pips can define the ‘character’ of a nation, isn’it?

  2. Gordon Tait Says:

    If that had happened during the today programme we could all have been in serious trouble as our nuclear subs check the Today Programme out to find out if the nation is still functioning in case of nuclear attack – although I’m not entirely sure what they do if they suspect attack outside of the hours 6-9am GMT/BST… No pips and there could have been one possible conclusion to be drawn!!! Phewf…

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