In your dreams

Are you not experiencing the dreams you want? Well, help is at hand. or rather, it’s fitted around your head: for a mere $180 you can buy the ‘I Dream Head Massager’ which relaxes your head and allows you to have better dreams. Or of you just want a good night’s sleep, the ‘Nightweave Sleep Assistant’ might be just the thing for you; it ‘uses light to elicit deep relaxation’ (the light is blue, by the way’). Or if you’re gasping for breath, $300 will buy you the ‘Personal Oxygen Bar’ (with added aromatherapy).

These items are on a list of ‘ridiculous health devices’ which gets released from time to time by the website dvice. Some of them are pretty ridiculous, and they are presented in the same spirit as the lists that are occasionally published of far-out inventions that were patented but that, not at all amazingly, never saw the light of day; like the ‘flatulence deodorizer’ registered in 2000 that involves ‘a pad to be worn by a user for absorbing gas due to flatulence’; or the jet powered surfboard.

And yet, when I see these lists I don’t tend to laugh at the sheer idiocy of the ideas (as we are really being invited to do). Rather, I marvel at the inventiveness of humanity and at our capacity to keep thinking of new possibilities for advancement and new solutions to old problems. I’ll probably never buy the ‘I Dream’ or indeed the ‘flatulence deodorizer’, but somehow I’m glad there are people out there bothering to register and develop these ideas. We’re a little richer for them.

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7 Comments on “In your dreams”

  1. Vincent Says:

    Yes, of course you can make that argument. I’m inclined to it myself. All the same, there is the position that these people are so insanely optimistic that glue and feathers a la should be kept well away from them. Together with anything involving a ‘Find the Star’ type of TV show.

  2. jfryar Says:

    We’re ‘a little richer for them’? I disagree. Take someone plagued by nightmares as a side effect of blood pressure or antidepressant medication. And now advertise some ‘device’ that helps prevent nightmares or ‘guarantees’ a good night’s sleep.

    Is a pseudoscientific industry that preys on the weak and vunerable something we should applaud?

  3. no-name Says:

    Is that where they first registered the ipad? 🙂

  4. Alas, success is like the death penalty – It’s all in the execution.
    A good idea is worthless without good execution and development. A bad, or dull idea, well implemented, can still sell.

  5. cormac Says:

    I like the sound of a jet powered surfboard. 90% of surfing is backbreaking work paddling out through breaking waves to get to where the break – a bit like walking up a mountain to ski down it!

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