Ireland: no news is bad news?

Three days ago the Irish government launched its jobs initiative. In the document the government stated that, on the following day (i.e. Wednesday, May 11), the Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform would announce a relaxing of the requirements of the so-called ’employment control framework’. This is now Friday, May 13, and no such announcement has taken place; or if it has, it has been done in secret.

The ’employment control framework’ has had a more negative and destructive effect on Irish higher education than almost any other recent government measure, and it is important that the new administration shows its awareness of the damage it is causing by moving fast to reform or (preferably) remove it. The failure to follow through on what was promised earlier in the week is not encouraging.

It is my impression that the new Minister for Education and Skills, Ruairi Quinn TD, means to be supportive and constructive in his role. He should push his colleagues in government to move swiftly to kill this totally unnecessary and damaging regulatory scheme.

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2 Comments on “Ireland: no news is bad news?”

  1. Ian Johnson Says:

    It’s time to brush the Irish dust off your shoes. You’re employed to address issues in Scotland now.

  2. cormac Says:

    I disagree with Ian. It is a credit to FvP that he continues to take an interest in education here – and I suspect that voices such as his will become ever more important as the noose tightens

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