Exit strategy

Next Tuesday, I shall be embarking upon my last month (at least for the time being) as a full-time resident in Ireland. In a few weeks I shall be taking up my post as Principal of the Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen. I shall maintain a base in Ireland and will visit regularly, but inevitable I shall be less informed and my more immediate interests will focus mainly on Scotland.

It is my intention that this blog will continue, but if it is to maintain a significant Irish higher education dimension (alongside the Scottish one that will now be developed) I shall require help. I am hoping that there may be a reader or two here who will be willing to assemble Irish stories and comment for the blog from April 2011. I shall also be inviting guest bloggers who will contribute from time to time. Some posts from other parts of the world will also be welcome from time to time, and those interested in contributing should let me know.

If any reader is interested in joining the team that will, I hope, be running this blog, please contact me at F.von-Prondzynski@dcu.ie

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2 Comments on “Exit strategy”

  1. Vincent Says:

    Surely it a chair, not a post. Does post not imply guarding the passes, always on watch type of thing. While position, something the same, only not as vital as the fellow in the/at post. But Chair has the episcopal and abbotal, of Curias and councils. 😀

  2. irishminx Says:


    I’ve looked for your blog where you suggested Ireland look at Nuclear power! I can’t find it!! I am hugely frustrated here! However, given what is happening with Japan right now, I just have to ask, would you still advocate Nuclear energy in Ireland?

    To me, the fact that Japan built nuclear plants along known fault lines is surreal insanity!

    Don’t tell me Ireland doesn’t have fault lines, I was in Dublin when we had a small shock in 1995 when there was an tremor off the Welsh Coast.

    BTW you are a prolific writer!!

    Slainte and please do respond, I’d love to hear what you have to say.


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