I have seen the future, but does it work?

If we make certain assumptions about the likely composition of the next government in Ireland, we do well to study the manifestos of Fine Gael and Labour. Both are now available.

I shall examine the commitments made in these documents later, but it is worth pointing out that they contain a pattern regarding higher education. Leaving aside for a moment what they say on funding, the key objective of both parties is to bring about a reform of the sector, and in particular the reform of academic contracts and working conditions. It is therefore likely that current discussions around this issue (featured in this blog) will, if anything, step up a gear after the election.

A further more detailed analysis to follow.

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2 Comments on “I have seen the future, but does it work?”

  1. Al Says:

    Forgive my pessimism….
    From what I have seen we will see pandering to some public prejudices in some panto like stuffing of those damm aco’s…
    I am curious as to the demands for an increased workload, and where I will have to cut back elsewhere.
    I guess I won’t get to my vineyard this year…

    • jfryar Says:

      I couldn’t agree more. It is as if someone, somewhere has decided ‘there is a problem’, fed this to the public, and now politicians are creating manifestos that ‘deal with that problem’.

      I’ve yet to see what that ‘problem’ actually is. What report, data, or analysis confirms this problem? To me, politicians are simply pandering to public begrudgery in our ‘time of austerity’.

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