A different perspective on February 14: fall in love with Fine Gael?

As soon as I can get hold of the education proposals of Fine Gael in the Irish general election campaign I shall review them here, but while waiting for that you may want to consider the party’s novel approach to campaigning, in the form of what must be the cheesiest Valentine’s Day ‘card’ that I have ever seen. Have a look here, but put aside all your normal rational responses first.

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6 Comments on “A different perspective on February 14: fall in love with Fine Gael?”

  1. anna notaro Says:

    This is the weirdest thing I have seen in a long while, the way that the eyes of the male/female fugures move following the cursor, not to speak of the ‘Valentine Messages’, hilarious! And what to say of the rhymes? Truly *poetic*. Is this the contemporary take on the old 60s slogan ‘the personal is political’?? Whoever is sent such a card must really be madly in love and mad about this party in order to appreciate it. This is truly ‘the new frontier’ in card cheesyness 🙂

  2. Vincent Says:

    We are in for a bare barren period where anyone with an ounce of artistic creativity will be driven out as in the ’20’s. The current O’Caseys and Yeats will vanish for their own mental creativity. If this is anything to go by.

    • anna notaro Says:

      Come on Vincent, cheer up! You cannot take this as representative the period’s, (or even the country) artistic creativity!! There’s a lot of great examples, if one really looks around, this is just some fun, could even be an ironic take on the state of political affairs, but I’d better stop otherwise I’ll intellectualize it more than it deserves..

      • Vincent Says:

        You have no idea about the party that the opinion polls say are going to make up the incoming government. And it’s virtually impossible to describe then in a European context. However, if I told you that the last time this lot had unhampered access to the levers of power a large export from the State were priests.

  3. Trich Says:

    FG all loved up on their own images!

    Enda’s caption says “Lets get Ireland working”, does that mean FG haven’t been working?!?

    I would have always voted FG & Labour, however, I could not ever vote for any of the 4 parties again. The lot of them have destroyed Ireland! This virtual Valentines card proves how narcissistic FG are!!

    Enda Kenny is the weakest link in FG.

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